Map of Tokyo Stations Stamps (Eki Stamps), where to find them

This is the map of most of the stamps of the stations in Tokyo.

To avoid confusion and excessive pins I only inserted those in the central areas, i.e. those that most tourists visit.

Important: the stations on this map belong to the JR lines, and to the Asakusa Line, Shinjuku Line, Oedo Line, Mita Line.

The pin indicates the station and not the precise position of the stamp stand, which in any case is certainly located near one of the ticket gates.
In the JR lines it is always outside the ticket gates, while in the subway it can be found outside but is usually inside the ticket gate, so for the latter you have to pay the fare to get to the stamp.

I have created and will refine this map over time, but I do not take responsibility for changes or absence of stamps either in the event of map inaccuracies or changes in the stations.

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